“We’re very pleased with all the Monumate users in our cemetery. They’re beautiful, practical and keep the flowers up off the cemetery lawn so mowing is faster and easier and does not disturb the flowers at all!”

—Myron and Carole Severson, caretakers; Alexandria Cemetery, Alexandria, MN


“Monumate was introduced to us a few years ago. What a great idea, and very inexpensive, too. We’ve had great success selling these with a nice profit.”

—Tom and Bob Welle, owners; Fergus Falls Monument Company, Fergus Falls, MN


“I am the maintenance man for St. Mary's Catholic Cemetery of Alexandria, MN. I find it much easier to work around tombstones cutting the grass when the Monumates are used for decorations. Flowers of all sorts are beautiful as long as they are up and out of the ground”

—Ron Hoffman, caretaker; St. Mary's Cemetery, Alexandria, MN


“We have been very pleased with Monumate’s flower holders that are on both of our parents’ monuments. The holders are the answer to having a beautiful and well cared for gravesite.”

—Ron and Faye Magnuson; The Villages, Florida

"Here are the pictures of the vases you made for our cross. They fit perfectly and were exactly what we had in mind, Thank you so much."

– Marie Hicks, Building and Grounds Committee; Lely Presbyterian Church, Florida

"Great item and quick shipment"
-Bob, Ohio

"Thank You very much for your very good service and for a product that makes it much easier to comply with cemetery regulations!"
-Richard Tokarek, Pennsylvania