Monumate Memorial Flower Holders is a family-owned business founded in 1993. Its founder, Jim Korkowski, was inspired after visiting a cemetery and saw that many of the flower holders were unsightly. He also noticed that some flowers covered the names on the markers, while others had simply blown away. After talking to the groundskeeper, he discovered that many types of flower holders were no longer allowed because they interfered with maintenance of the gravesite.


So being an inventor by trade, he got right to work and developed a flower vase holder that was both attractive and functional. The first Monumate™ Memorial Flower Vase and Pot Holder he designed was an immediate success in and near his hometown of Alexandria, Minnesota. Soon, he was getting orders from all over the nation.


In 2013, Korkowski retired and selected Katie Determan to take the reigns. She now owns and operates Monumate.

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