Back from ICCFA

April 17, 2014

We survived the city lights of Vegas and had an amazing showing at the ICCFA(International Cemetery, Cremation, Funeral Association) Show. Met some existing customers and was overjoyed with all the new people we met and contacts we made. Its crazy to me how many people haven't been introduced to the Monumate Products and instantly fall in love with them. I have had more and more grounds keepers, Directors, and monument companies totally excited to bring our products into their establishments. They are durable, cost effective and finding them a better resort then what's currently out there and maintenance free for the grounds crew.
The company was founded in 1993 and this past year I thought I would take it up a step and promote it and become involved more in the funeral and cemetery industry. I love getting feedback from each individual but having the opportunity to attend the ICCFA gave me great WOW from the people in the industry themselves.

We are now 39 days away from Memorial Day, lets not forget all the loved ones that will forever be in our hearts.